AC comfort without sacrificing the decor of the room or the walls, stamp your AC on the ceiling. That's a Cassette Air Conditioner for you. It fits in the ceiling just like an audio cassette fits in your cassette player. Once installed you'll rarely notice it. Cassette ACs like Split AC and Tower ACs can range from 1.5 ton to 5 ton in capacity. These ACs can be used for home or commercial purpose. They can be installed indoor or outdoor. The compressor types often used in Cassette Air Conditioners include rotary and reciprocating compressor which make them highly effective and efficient. You can choose the model considering weight and dimensions in mind along with the capacity and other factors that matter to you. While zeroing in on a brand/model make sure you also check the noise level. Since you want to install the AC in the center of the ceiling if it's noisy it will irritate everyone under it.